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Welcome! I’m Erika. I am a professional freelance cellist, educator, and author, based in Toronto, Canada. More about me here.

In 2013 I was spending half my life on a bus, making myself ill from the stress of commuting to my dream job as principal cellist of an orchestra. Later that year, just after my wedding, I was diagnosed with type I bipolar disorder. Since then I have learned how to maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle with a thriving career and live well with my mental health condition. 

Sound Mind is focused on helping others struggling with mental health conditions like mine live fearlessly, too. I want to share my personal story while imparting tips and insights to empower you to take charge. I have also shared my story and steps to recovery in my award-winning book, SOUND MIND: My Bipolar Journey From Chaos to Composure (Trigger Publishing, 2019), available on Amazon, and

With 20% of Canadians experiencing a mental health condition in their lifetime, whether personally or through a friend or relative, I hope to help end the stigma.

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“I don’t really remember what I did. I haven’t watched the videos that people took. I know it got bad. I was in a very severe manic state, which bordered on psychosis. Certainly delusional. I wasn’t clear what was going on. I was just trying to survive"~ Carrie Fisher

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