DIY Foaming Hand & Face Wash

DIY Foaming Hand & Face Wash

Adapted from Wellness Mama and Pinterest.

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This is one of my favourite uses of castile soap (available in the natural aisle of large grocery stores). It is so concentrated, that just a few tablespoons topped up with water makes a beautiful foaming hand soap that doubles as an effective and gentle face wash.

No more pricey facial cleanser or hand soap to buy! Simple and effective, for a sound mind.

You will need to buy (once) a bottle of foaming hand soap for the dispenser. I like Method, found at most large grocery stores. Use it up, then make this for years to come.



  • Water
  • 2 Tablespoons Liquid Castille Soap (I like peppermint or almond)
  • Few drops of essential oils (optional). For acne-prone faces, use tea tree oil


  1. Fill the soap dispenser to about 2 inches below the top (leaving room for the foaming pump and the soap to be added).
  2. Add a squirt of at least 2 tablespoons of liquid castile soap to the water mixture. (Do not add the soap first or it will foam up when the water is added).
  3. Add the essential oils if you are using them.
  4. Close and lightly swish to mix. Use on hands, faces, or even bodies.

I use almond castile soap for my normal skin, and my husband has his own dispenser of peppermint and tea tree oil for his acne-prone skin. Follow up with my DIY moisturizer!

I would love to hear about your simplified skincare in the comments below!


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