This morning I had forgotten to make eating my absolute first and foremost priority, and boy was I feeling it. Behold! The topic for my very first blog post.

Last night it was still light out after my husband and I attended a friend’s comedy show, and our cheeks were still sore from laughing. In wanting to extend our date and make the most of “treat day” we indulged in a rare meal: wine, cheese, and carbs (freedom toast and poutine) at my favourite diner, The Lakeview.

Fun though it was, our late dinner culminated in a restless night of tummy trouble and botched sleep for both of us. I woke up exhausted and foggy headed, sluggish from my food hangover, and taunting my meds with wine (only two glasses!). I was dehydrated and nutrient depleted.

In a desperate effort to fuel up quickly, I chugged some Athletic Greens nutritional supplement (I have no incentive to promote products, I simply share what I use), then put myself together in time for my first cello student. After she left, I began lethargically scrolling my Facebook page, silently kicking my own ass for not being out running on the first real spring day of the year, while feeling daunted by the prospect of writing my first blog post.

Lethargic. Depleted. Lack of motivation. I was feeling cognitively delayed, and negative, negative, negative.


I then reminded myself of my golden rule: EAT FIRST.

Got things to do but no motivation? Feeling blah? When did you last eat?

Our mental and physical wellbeing begins at the cellular level, and what do our cells need to perform optimally? Nutrients. From real food sources. Ever find yourself running from task to task, playing on your phone during the time in between and forgetting to eat? Go find the most nutrient dense thing you can put in your mouth (not sugar, from a whole food source), and feed yourself. Fuel your body and your brain.

Instead of excitedly typing up my blog post the moment the light bulb turned on, I mentally pressed “pause” and made my go-to green smoothie, two duck eggs, and wilted spinach. Vitamins, minerals, protein, and fats. Ten minutes to fueled, and I felt a hell of a lot better. I’ll be writing other posts about what I choose to fuel my body with, but shifting your priorities is the first step: know when you are nutritionally depleted and remember to top yourself up.

“You can’t pour from an empty cup.” This quote helps me remember to fuel myself first. I also think of my students, colleagues, husband, family, friends, and how they need me to function at my best. When you feed yourself, you can then feed everyone.



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4 thoughts on “EAT FIRST: The Rule

  1. Oh very cool – I’m really interested in this subject as I recently revamped my eating style.
    No more GMO products, barely any sugar (with the goal to eradicate it 100%), & as much organic yummies as I can get my hands on. We have a ton of organic produce/products where I live as well as a hoppin Farmer’s Market scene. I started the new eating plan a month ago and I feel tons better already.

    Your breakfast sounds supper-yummy!
    Congrats on your first post!

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  2. Thanks dyane!
    It sounds like we have a very similar way of eating. I’ll be blogging about it soon. It’s a weighty subject, but my way of eating has been paramount to my wellness and bipolar treatment. It makes everything better.


  3. Although our health issues have been different, Frank and I have been living proof that proper nutrition (plus sleep, etc.) are of utmost importance. We’ve been living this way for just about 20 years now even though most people think it is too much work and not a lot of fun but feeling good makes everything else better! Congrats on this blog!

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